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    • Blueberry & Lime

      Ingredients: sugar, wild blueberries, apple juice, limes, lemon juice, pectin.


      Freshly sliced limes give a tropical twist to our traditional wild blueberry jam. This is a zesty flavor you won't soon forget!
    • Toe Jam

      Ingredients: sugar, oranges, orange juice, blueberries, lemon juice, pectin.


      Whole naval oranges and Nova Scotia wild blueberries, but don't let the name throw you off, it's one of our top sellers with a one of a kind taste.
    • Pineapple & Lemon Spread

      Ingredients: sugar, pineapple, lemons, lemon juice, pectin.


      Freshly sliced lemons and sweet pineapple makes for a tropical delight. Fill tart shells with this preserve and top with meringue for a quick dessert.
    • Pepper Relish

      Ingredients: sugar, white vinegar, red peppers, onions, green peppers, cornstarch, spices, salt.


      This is our ultimate best seller! A delicious mixture of onions, green and red sweet peppers and just enough spice to make this a versatile staple to have in your kitchen. Mix with mayonnaise for sweet potato fry dip, or with sour cream for a quick tartar sauce to serve with fish. Also the perfect condiment on hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages or toss it in with cooked rice for an added zest; there are endless possibilities...
    • Middle Age Spread

      Ingredients: sugar, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, lemon juice, pectin.


      Also one of our top sellers this unique combination of blackberries, raspberries and strawberries is a smooth texture you've likely never experienced. But don't let the name fool you, it's perfect for any age! Enhance a simple cheese cake just by topping it with this one of a kind preserve.
    • Lime & Ginger Marm

      Ingredients: sugar, oranges, orange juice, limes, lemon juice, pectin, ginger.


      Freshly sliced limes, whole oranges and hand selected, freshly grated ginger. This marmalade has a unique flavor and is a favourite in the kitchen. Use this marm as a a baste for meats such as chicken or pork, or serve it with warm brie as a great appetizer!
    • Hot Red Pepper Jelly

      Ingredients: sugar, white vinegar, peppers, lemon juice, pectin, spices, salt.


      The heat is a sneak in this one... packed with sweet red peppers and enough heat for a surprise finish! A must-have condiment traditional party-pleaser. Also great spread over cream cheese and crackers or a garnish on meat or eggs.
    • Cranberry & Orange

      Ingredients: sugar, cranberries, oranges, lemon juice, pectin.


      A marmalade from sliced whole naval oranges, enhanced by the tart flavor of whole cranberries – this one will be a hit at the breakfast table any time of year!
    • Blackberry & Mint Spread

      Ingredients: sugar, blackberries, apple juice, lemon juice, mint/mint extract, pectin


      Wild handpicked blackberries and a touch of mint makes this a refreshing way to start your morning – lovely on scones with fresh cream!